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January 2024 - May 2024

Mechanical Design Engineer - Body in White - Model Y - Intern

Body in White
• Designed multiple tools, fixtures, and equipment for process improvements, resulting in a 20% reduction in scrap.
• Examples include the Universal gun mount, part fixtures, and RFID mounts to track the conveyors, utilizing DFA and DFM strategies, which led to a 15% reduction in manufacturing costs and a 10% reduction in lead time.
• Designed a fixture to support the rear underbody of the Tesla Model Y, achieving a 75% reduction in manufacturing costs.
• Reduced scrap rate and costs by $500/day by designing a fixture to test and calibrate parts of the Model Y door.
• Designed, analyzed, and optimized new production processes for the Tesla Model Y using Solidworks, Catia V5, and 3DX (Catia V6).
• Develop and modify existing lines to improve material flow and reduce waste utilizing Lean Manufacturing best practices.
• Develop GD&T strategy to support vehicle quality build targets and drive tool design.
• Defined project scope, managed spend against budget, coordinated with outside vendors, and oversaw installation of new equipment.

October 2023 - December 2023



Manufacturing Design Engineer - Intern

• Designed specialized test equipment for the Cyber Truck and NACS magic dock tester using SMC valve manifolds and IO cards.
• Retrofit a tester that could test two variants of NACS adapter in a single test unit - company savings of $100,000.
• Configuring Siemens PLC and automating the assembly line with Fanuc and Kuka Robots for precise component production (Tesla Powerwall & Solar Roofs).
• Designed and built a pneumatic-driven glass handling system equipped with safety sensors and feedback.
• Coordinated with vendors to meet specific requirements following quality and safety standards, obtaining the desired outcome.
• Spearheaded efforts to optimize the manufacturing process for the Cyber Truck power outlet, successfully reducing cycle time from 12 minutes to 8 minutes.
• Implemented Lean 5S principles and safety measures for building station guarding.

June 2023 - August 2023 

University of California San Deigo

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Autonomous Vehicles

Instructed students in developing an autonomous vehicle by using GPS, GNSS, Lidar, and a Camera. Used Open CV, Depth AI, and Donkey Car/Simulator for autonomous driving, lane following, and sign detection.

June 2023 - Augsut 2023

University of California San Deigo

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Diligently assisted engineering students in grasping entrepreneurial concepts like Business models, financials, customer discovery, product lifecycle, and marketing, and fostering innovative mindsets to drive their ventures toward success.

Oct 2022 - Present

University of California San Deigo

Graduate Student Research

Bio Inspired Robotics

Working on bio inspired digging robot that penetrates sand by vibration excitation and uses appendages for swimming. Research focuses on borrowing inspiration from nature to design automated systems with lifelike capabilities. Aim to further the scientific understanding of movement and manipulation in biological systems and to apply this knowledge towards new engineering paradigms in robot design, fabrication, and control. Designing automated systems with lifelike capabilities inspired by nature.
Dr. Nick Gravish & Dr. Michael Tolley

Mar 2021 - Aug 2022

Capgemini Technology Services

Mechanical Engineer

Implemented product lifecycle management strategies by collaborating and assisting in product part design and specifications. Worked as an analyst and effectively increased product development by processing coherently & managing product data. Windchill software was used to provide a link between the design and manufacturing processes.

Jul 2020 – Oct 2020

Alien Brains

Business Developer

Worked as a Business Developer in creating strategies, performing market research, identifying potential competitors and business opportunities, and creating business leads. Built a vast network of clients of various domains from different parts of the country. Assisted managers with negotiations by identifying potential weaknesses and offering viable solutions.

Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Hindustan Aeronautical Limited

Mechanical Engineering Intern
HAL-Logo-PNG (1)_edited_edited.png

Worked in various divisions of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), MCSRDC, Overhaul, Engine, and ARDC. Hands-on experience and research-based learning of flight design, fabrication, and simulations using Collaborative robots.

Aug 2018 – Dec 2018

Aug 2019 – Dec 2019

Shell – Shell Eco Marathon

Lead Project Engineer

Built two electric vehicles in 2018 and 2019 that prioritized energy efficiency. Designed and configured the steering mechanism, battery design, BLDC motor controller, brake placement, and hydraulic brake actuation with space optimization. A 3-wheeled teardrop-shaped, single-person vehicle capable of reaching its extremities of 150+km on a single charge without forfeiting the safety standards and selecting materials specifically helped gain maximum efficiency

Jun 2019 – Jul 2019

515 Army Base Workshop

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Worked in the divisions of Fabrication, Components, Quality, and Methods Engineering. Hands-on experience in manufacturing of spares using SCARA and Articulated robots, simulation equipment, aviation, RADAR and UAV.

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018

Ezenith – Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Practical training in HEV development, HEV design, and architecture, Electric motors, Generators, Batteries, BMS & BC. Performed complete hands-on with HEV drive train and developed a concept prototype electric power train for a truck and built an electric bicycle.


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